Friday, September 7, 2012

What the Dedication of my Dedication got Me

*Piece Number Nineteen*

  So today has been amazing! Elder Jeffery R. Holland and Dieter F. Uchtdorf came to Dixie to dedicate the Jeffery Holland Common Building and it was so amazing. Jeffery Holland gave the best talk ever he was just saying this building isn't to praise him but to remember it's for the common students who don't have much but hope in there heart. They have common life's, with common grades, common class families. A student who's common but dedicated. It was just so nice it was so spiritual. After words we all rushed to the building we ran over to the building that was being dedicated. Uchtdor was saying the prayer then after words we all said high. I got to HUG him it was amazing I asked to take a picture with him and sadly he said no because there was no time, Then I saw Holland and his wife I shook there hands and also asked if I could take a picture but sadly he also said No as well because too many people have asked and there wasn't enough time. I was feeling bummed that I had no picture but I was also feeling so over whelmed to have the opportunity to even see then to even shake there hands to even be in there presence of Apostles of my church!
    We decided we got our fair share of seeing them so we decided to go to lunch. As I was horcking down my food I saw in the corner of my eye Jeffery R holland and his wife outside in front of the building not with a huge crowd. I stopped eating jumped up and ran outside. I was soooo nervous to ask for a picture again so I made my friend Andy ask for me and guess what He said YES! It was so amazing Me at 18 years old I got to hug an apostle! What a great great great day!

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  1. Happy for you Kendall. I see it meant a lot to you.